>What Is Pocket Legends?

Pocket Legends is the world’s largest mobile MMO with over five million downloads! The first and most popular of its kind, everyone plays in the same persistent world. You’ll have lots to see and do with zombies spilling out of their tombs, treacherous mercenaries running amok in the castle, yetis stinking up the ice caves, demons, giant skeletons and crabby crocodiles!

Character Classes


The Avian are nimble bird-like humanoids with perfect eyesight, quick reflexes, tiny appetites and short attention spans. The Avian Archer is the master of the bow. A true marksman.


The Elves are ancient, mystical beings who wield the terrifying powers of nature to soothe their friends and humiliate their enemies. In short, Elves are the finest spell-casters in the realm.


The Ursan are a powerful, short tempered bear-like creatures that love to fight-up close and personal! The Ursan Warrior uses bladed weapons, staves, and can wear heavy armor.

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